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The FREEDOM Club is for those interested in Self-Help, meditation, mindfulness, personal development and FREEDOM.

Freedom from what?

The things that keep us stuck: the self-sabotage, the low-moods, anxiety, stress, negative minds, anger, frustration, confusion and foggy minds and all those other things that work to knot us up and keep us down.

A better question is - What FREEDOMS?

The freedom to be YOU.

Freedom from fear so you can be confident, calm, alive, happy and fulfilled.

The freedom to be financially free.

The freedom to be spiritual - be connected and authentic; free of delusion and the illusion of separation.

Your Tutor

QC Ellis
QC Ellis

Colin (QC Ellis) has spent most of his adult life exploring personal and spiritual development in many forms. He keeps it real, and grounded in personal experience.

What has he done?

  • Meditated since 1998; including many Buddhist meditation retreats - short and long (3 months upto 9 months) . Estimated at over 750 days in retreat (over 2 years in total).
  • Developer and teacher of courses on meditation, mindfulness and Personal Development at colleges; plus for a charity to help people with anxiety and depression.
  • Trained by top experts in several healing modalities and psychotherapies.
  • A decade as a Royal Marine Commando - from age 16 - initially to boost his confidence!
  • Had depression, anxiety, panic attacks and went from Mr Positive to being unable to think positively - to being a wiser Mr Positive (beyond willpower) using meditation, mindfulness and the other tools he now teaches.
  • Contributing author for a #1 best-seller, plus authored his own books.

Colin's presence is more like that of a monk than a motivational speaker - quiet, thoughtful, confident and calm. He'd love to hear from you about your experience and aspirations so get in touch, via this course.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to the Club
Available in days
days after you enrol
  Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness - BOOK & feedback
Available in days
days after you enrol
  What Is Mindfulness? course
Available in days
days after you enrol
  What is Meditation? course
Available in days
days after you enrol

Courses Included with Purchase

What Is Meditation?
Discover The 3 DNA Strands Of Every Meditation
QC Ellis
What Is Mindfulness?
A Helpful Guide To Reduce Confusion
QC Ellis

Original Price: £31

Frequently Asked Questions

When does membership of the Club start and finish?
Your membership starts now and never ends unless you decide to leave! It is completely up to you - you decide. This does NOT apply to the bundled courses within the membership, see next FAQ...
How long do I have access to the courses inside the membership?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling on a course, you have unlimited access to it for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. The bundled courses within the membership could disappear at any time - unless you enrol & engage with them, in which case you shall get and keep your full access
What if I am unhappy with the FREEDOM Club?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.. If you have an issue with anything within the FREEDOM Club, please contact the Instructor or the Admin for support.

Why is it almost FREE?

LoL. Today it is a few pennies to become a member but not forever. Colin believes in reciprocal benefit, therefore, he is willing to give you FREE access to his BETA courses, review-copies of his books and much more... if you are willing and able to give him feedback. The more you engage with the Club, the more you will get out of it - not only free and discounted stuff but real transformation in your life.

Soon it will cost a little to join and the freebies will dwindle, then the Club will cost more as the resources become more valuable (by design, not due to better information so much). As a founding member, you will never be asked to pay the monthly fee - it will always be free once you are a member. Any course you join when it is free will still be available to you even when there is a charge for it - when it is no longer in BETA. However, if a student does not engage with the material (or give any feedback), the author/teacher reserves the right to un-enrol students. I think that's fair, although he'll probably still offer a discount just because they are a Club member - because Colin's a softy. LoL

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